Take ChargeWelcome Aggies. The USU Take Charge wellness incentive challenge is set to begin soon! This 8-week medical self-care program is designed to assist you in becoming a better prepared and informed health care consumer by helping you build a comprehensive “user manual” for your health and health history.

This fun and informative challenge will motivate you to collect and compile the important personal health information that you, your care provider, and family members need to better manage your health and health care. Take Charge provides an organized structure to help you identify and collect the most essential health information. You won’t be required to share your personal health manual, but it’s important that you compile it for yourself and store it in a safe place. You’ll complete the challenge checklist, and after 8 weeks you will have pulled together all the information you need to become the best advocate for your health!

Signup for the Take Charge challenge by providing the information below. The communication for this challenge including the kickoff announcement will come via email to the address you provide below.

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Questions about this contest can be sent to skie.h@aggiemail.usu.edu