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The USU In Tune challenge is starting and will run for 6 weeks. Eliminating everyday stressors like work deadlines, obnoxious
coworkers, or traffic congestion is not realistic for most individuals.
Learning how to change our response to these stressors, however, is a realistic goal. And one that will help us to keep day-to-day stress levels out of the danger zone.

Americans are feeling stressed. Many are being asked to do more with less, for less. Thanks to 24/7 connectedness some feel tethered to work even when they are at home. And who hasn't felt a sense of "cerebral burnout" from information overload? It's time to get In Tune with the stressors in our lives and begin establishing good stress management habits that can be practiced regularly and will help provide protection from the ill effects of too much stress. By employing a variety of methods to get In Tune with what is causing us stress, we will better be able to manage our response to those stressors and better appreciate the symphony of life!

Signup for the In Tune - take charge of your stress challenge by providing the information below. The communication for this challenge will come via email to the address you provide below.

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